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Tennessee Storm Shelters is Locally Owned and Operated!
Protecting the areas of Middle Tennessee and Kentucky.


Veteran’s, Seniors, Healthcare Workers, First Responders, Teachers and Cash Purchases


The Next Time Tornado Sirens Sound Where Will You Seek Shelter?

Give Yourself Minutes When Seconds Matter the Most!

Best Storm Shelter in Tennessee and Kentucky!

Provide your family the peace of mind it wants with a storm shelter that allows you to shelter in place when a tornado or a tense high-wind event is imminent.  The storm shelter door is patented with a triple locking door making it impossible to be compromised by a debris impact.

Shelter In Place During The Next Tornado

The tornado storm shelters are installed virtually flush with the garage floor and allow any vehicle to park over it.  The shelter entry door glides over impact resistant ball bearings making it extremely easy to open and close. Each storm shelter offered by Tennessee Storm Shelters is equipped with a rechargable fan and light combo that will provide adequate air circulation throughout the shelter.  

The shelter has been impact tested at Texas Tech and meets or exceeds guidelines set by FEMA, ICC-500, and the American Tornado Shelter Association.

“You can replace a home, you cannot replace a family.”

US 2019 Tornado Statistics


billion in Property Damage



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